XML Templates

by Andrej Bojadžiev (Sofia University)

Here you can find two empty (without content) XML files. They are valid according to two different models: the Reperotirum model which allows a full description of manuscripts and Repertorium Lite model which is intended for the short catalogue and short-lists.

You can edit the both models in your favourite XML editor. Download them together with the documentation Introduction to XML Model for Manuscript description and the technical files archived in the repertorium.zip. This two files are also part of the archive.

The template file should be copied in the same directory where you copied the *.dtd files. If you prefer some other location, you should change the pointer to your SYSTEM identifier in your XML file.

If you have any problems to start working with the Repertorium XML Model or you have any ideas and suggestions how to improve the electronic representation and processing in the field of Medieval Slavic manuscripts, please write to Assoc. Prof. Andrej Bojadžiev (Sofia University)