Slovo: Towards a Digital Library of South Slavic Manuscripts

The project corresponds with the 7th framework priority concerning digital libraries of cultural heritage. It promotes the integration of Slavic cultural objects into EU by means of information technologies. The project is based on the comprehension of the common European heritage of the South East and Central European Slavs. The main objectives and aims of the project are the following:

  1. Cooperation between the Slavic countries and Central Europe in the field of medieval Slavic studies, especially concerning the written Balkan cultural heritage;
  2. Networking between institutions involved in academic research on medieval Slavic monastic literature and culture and their relationship with Central European literature and culture: organization of a workshop on Digital Libraries of Slavic Manuscripts and Archival Documents and a round table on Early Slavic Monastic culture (Sofia, February, 2008);
  3. Developing of an experimental web site SLOVO for the Balkan written heritage and culture, maintained by the Bulgarian Academy of sciences (BAS) ;
  4. Developing international standards for the description and analysis of the written heritage (terminology, principles and methods) in order to create a common platform for electronic publishing.

This common platform will serve as a base for future collaborations (initiatives) aiming at the preservation (description and encoding) of medieval manuscripts and archival documents in electronic form.

International Workshop and Round Table „South Slavic Monastic Culture“



Some pictures from the International Workshop and Round Table