Repertorium Lite Version

by Andrej Bojadžiev (Sofia University)

Inlike the full version of Repertorium, the "Lite" the purpose of this one is to serve as XML framework for description of short catalogue. The information for such kind of catalogue could be, of course, extracted from the full version as well. But for some projects it could be more convinient to have a minimal subset of elements.

The Lite version is minimal subset containing no header elements and beginning directly with the msDesc element. This is the main element of the XML content structure. The sub-elements are further simplified but the structure remains the same as by Repertorium. It uses the same seven divisions:

  1. catalogue statement
  2. codicology
  3. scribe
  4. manuscript creation
  5. content description
  6. history
  7. additional information

The simplification is done on the level of phrase elements and only few of the whole system of TEI remain untouched. So in principle the idea is to preserve the main structure and to provide the neccessary information with plain text, without further re-structuring on the phrase and sentence levels.

All the philological principles, mentioned in Introduction are applicable by this model as well. The template for this version is available repertorium-lite.xml. The whole package of files could be obtained here.

To begin your work with the Repertorium Lite version, take a look on the files in the directory xml as well.